Sunday, May 27, 2007


This is my grandma, Gannie. My Mom and Dad called this afternoon to let me know that she'd fallen and they were at the hospital awaiting x-rays. I just talked to them again and they now know she has a broken shoulder and a broken hip and she'll be having surgery tomorrow, which means that she'll have to go under general anesthetic again. She had to a few years back and has never really been the same since (dementia). Apparently elderly people don't always do well with general. If you could please pray for her if you read this, it would really mean a lot. My Gannie was one of grandmas that did everything (I even remember her trying out my new skateboard). She travelled all over the world (and took each of my brothers and I with her on a trip), she was always doing so many things and never was "old" at all. It's been hard seeing her get old recently. I tell my kids about the lady that she was, because all they know is the Gannie in the senior's home who can't play with them. They do love to go and visit her though. Thanks guys.


Kelly said...

I am sorry to hear this Karyn. She sounds like a wonderful, adventurous woman. (Maybe that is where your spirit comes from?) She loooks very Irish or Scottish- is she?

Thanks for the comment. I am addicted to sewing now. The dress wasnt too hard to make at all. I took it to town tonight and Tessa tried it on. So sweet on her.

We may be coming to the home schoolers get together/bbq at the beach depending on what day it is. Hopefully we will see eachother soon and get those boys together :)

Karyn said...

She has had an amazing life and she says that she's just resting now. My parents do say that we're a lot alike in many ways. And you're right, she's Irish! Thanks Kelly.

Angella said...

I prayed for her right now :)

Blessings :)

Chris ;o) said...

Hey girl. You know she's in my prayers. I still remember the old 'Gannie'. The one that was at my wedding shower and wedding. I know she is not the same, but she is blessed to have such a beautiful, caring family!

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma. I'll pray for her.