Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fire Hall

We learned some great history of old town Penticton and how they used to have to call the fire brigade. I'm sure they lost a lot of homes back then!

Liam trying to get the jacket on that was way too big!
Teigan, getting a little help from a friend.
This trip was really neat because they showed us (and let us try) the oxygen that they use when they are in fires. They also explained how their suits work to keep them cool (er) even though a fire can be above 400 degrees!
Samuel and I got to try on the entire suits and gear. It is actually much heavier than I realized, and not very easy to walk in. Of course it may have been easier if the gear actually fit me!
Teigan was too little to try the gear on, but she was pretty happy in the hat.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Elecrical Engineering!

One of the dads (an electrical engineer) did a great morning of circuits and batteries, solar power, potatoes... fantastic time! Here the kids are completing circuits and using batteries for power.

YES! This really did work - it lit up a small light bulb. The potato became an electrochemical battery - by using copper pennies and the nails, the reaction was enough to light the bulb. Apparently it works even better with lemons.
When everything was done and everyone else went out to play...
and then when even that was done... Samuel spent at least an hour on his own and actually connected all three circuit boards and made every light and fan work at the same time!
Two scientists engrossed in activity!
Once Liam was done with the circuits he set to fixing broken toys.


The boys have both enjoyed karate this year. Here they are after karate showing a few of their moves!

Teigan's Birthday

The boys of course got up early and made Teigan a special breakfast...

She had to be blindfolded and led to her seat...
And who wouldn't be thrilled with such a special start to the day done by your brothers?!
We went swimming with a bunch of the little girl friends.

Mama came over the next day to help sew and quilt with us.

Learning Circle beach afternoon - fire building

While this does look dangerous, I assure you it was supervised! The boys were actually doing very thought out experiments as to what materials caught fire quickly, what burned well, and what burned out quickly. This was somewhat to the chagrin of some of the ah, less experimentive moms. (The moms involved were right there.)

You've gotta love the Okanagan; at the beach in November.
There's a serious learning circle...
Teigan was heating up her own little hot chocolate over the fire.
Samuel and his friend had made the first fire for everyone, so Liam and his buddy asked if they could try their hand at being the campfire starters. So we moved down to the next fire pit and let them have a go at it. While there was a lot of smoke to start with, they did get a beautiful fire going.

Science World comes to us!

Samuel enjoyed this demonstration - everyone thought he was SO brave - but he has done this experiment at home and knew that the pressure would hold the lid on!

This was fun to watch as they showed us how things expand when there is little oxygen - like in space!
This reacted to the CO2 in the science guy's breath. The other didn't change colour since it wasn't CO2.
More fun experiments. It's always so much fun when things involve flaming fire balls!
Science is always so much fun!