Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Learning Circle beach afternoon - fire building

While this does look dangerous, I assure you it was supervised! The boys were actually doing very thought out experiments as to what materials caught fire quickly, what burned well, and what burned out quickly. This was somewhat to the chagrin of some of the ah, less experimentive moms. (The moms involved were right there.)

You've gotta love the Okanagan; at the beach in November.
There's a serious learning circle...
Teigan was heating up her own little hot chocolate over the fire.
Samuel and his friend had made the first fire for everyone, so Liam and his buddy asked if they could try their hand at being the campfire starters. So we moved down to the next fire pit and let them have a go at it. While there was a lot of smoke to start with, they did get a beautiful fire going.

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