Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One great day - salmon run, enjoying the Okanagan, orchards and tractors.

We ended up hanging out with Randy at the orchard and the kids all got to drive the tractor. BIG hit!

One, two, three... JUMP! (It's the end of September and we're still in the water!)
Always exploring...

The Salmon run...

Hiking to the falls. Everyone carries their own water and snacks.
The boys bouldering up and along a fantastic rock face.
The area has changed since last fall. There was a rock slide and what used to be a nice pool at the bottom of the falls is now filled with rocks of all sizes. Of course the kids didn't mind at all!
Crossing a felled tree over a moving stream filled with salmon... no big deal.
One of the spawning salmon making its way up stream to spawn.
Exploring down by the creek side.

There weren't as many salmon as there have been in years past. The salmon run is low everywhere around here this year.

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