Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Treetop Adventures

What a fabulous day we had at a very old, but redone adventure...

The bridge - originally built in 1888, was great fun. But the Treetop Adventures was wonderful.
Samuel counting the rings to find out how old this tree was when they cut it down.
Teigan enjoying one of the 15 bridges that run through the Coastal Rain Forest canopy from one "fort" to another.
The crew on another of the 15 bridges, far above the forest floor.
It's good to have a big brother.
Figuring out the circumference of one of the big trees. We estimated, based on our height (and therefore arm span) that this tree was about 14 ft. around.
Samuel was the official board reader, and took his job very seriously. Here he is reading about a healthy pond.
We of course found math everywhere! This spot we had to stop and talk about the cool spiderweb pattern that the builders would have had to figure out with angles. Perfect example of 45, 90, 180, and 360. (And everything else in between, but those were the ones we focused on.)
Smelling the needles from the giant hemlock tree, which we learned got its name because it smells like the poisonous weed that killed Socrates!
Exploring (but not eating!) the rain forest floor...
and the rain forest canopy!
A really wonderful time. We ended up with a season pass!

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