Monday, February 8, 2010

Canadian Olympic Moguls Team!

It all started after training Saturday afternoon. The mountain was closed and we were having a nice, cozy hot chocolate in the dining room, when one of Samuel's coaches came in and asked if they boys could help prepare the mogul course for the Olympians! We all got our gear back on and took the, now closed to the public, t-bar part way up the hill and across to the course. The boys got to "slip" the course (slide down side by side pushing the fresh snow away). That first night we got to watch Kristi Richards, Chloe Dafour-Lapointe and Jenn Heil and Alex Bilodeau training. It was AMAZING.

This picture shows the course as well as our spot for the training. We ended up going up multiple times throughout the week to watch them and on the last night Samuel even got to ski the course with the athletes!

Jennifer Heil and Teigan.
Kristi Richards. (Teigan's very favourite!)
The boys and Chloe Dafour-Lapointe.
Samuel and his very favourite, Alex Bilodeau!

After training the athletes would come and talk with the kids. They were really great. Such a fantastic experience to watch them train and be so close. Next week there will be thousands of people, and we had our own private nights!

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