Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fort Langley and the Voyageurs

While the weather wasn't the greatest, it didn't dampen any enthusiasm or excitement. This was a great trip with some great friends.

Teigan helped with the flag as the parents sang God Save the Queen.

We got to feel and check out lots of different furs that would have been traded and hauled up the rivers for the fur trade with Europe.
Boxes of course would be harder to move so fish, cranberries and other supplies were packed in crates. The kids all tried their hand at barrel rolling. Girls vs. Boys!
My littlest voyageur. Notice the rain drops on the river! And of course the high fashion black garbage bags. (Some things were authentic.)
Samuel digging in on the 20-20-20. We learned different strokes and songs that the voyageurs used.
Liam working hard. Some of the kids just gave up on hats and keeping their heads dry.
The voyageur's salute!
A really great trip! The next day was bright and sunny, but Samuel thought that this day was more authentic to what the voyageurs would have experienced more often than not. Great attitude.

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Tannis said...

Nice to see shots of the voyageurs, I'm going to link to it.

Incidentally it looks like I'm going to get my head taken off in that last photo!