Thursday, October 1, 2009

Steamboat Rock and the Grand Coulee Dam

Our great crew of kids. What a fantastic time together. Lots of creative play, joy and laughter.

Jayden and Samuel doing the dishes - chores don't stop just because you're camping!
One of the many games...
Liam, of course, helped with the cooking. Here he is preparing the peppers and onions for the fajitas.
The Grand Coulee Dam at night night time. The water is coming down and the blue and green are lasers. They did a wonderful presentation on the history of the area and the dam.
Liam and Grant checking out the model of the dam and how it works.
Samuel and Teigan "flying" through the dam and area.
Teigan and a model of one of the turbines.
Fishing is always a favourite.
In this picture you can see more of the geographical land formations of the area.
Boys and fishing.
All seven kids.
They drew cities and roads with the sidewalk chalk and had a great time playing together.

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