Monday, December 6, 2010

Nature Explorations and a few other tid bits

Throughout the fall, we have enjoyed some fantastic hikes and explorations with a wonderful naturalist. We have seen many different animals, and learned so much from him.






This is a game that we made up with verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.  It's straight grammar and the kids really enjoy it!  They have to match the name (V, N, Adj or Adv in green) with the description (in red), together with a word that fits.  They do it together or separately and try to beat each others times!


This was at AWANA.  They had to come dressed as a Bible character.  Take a guess who everyone is and I'll tell you at the bottom of the picture.


Liam is Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones!  Teigan is Queen Esther (in a real salwar kameez) and Samuel is King David ready for battle.  We joked about going as King David when he danced before the Lord - he didn't think that was funny!  (We sure did.)

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