Sunday, October 17, 2010

Science and anatomy... pint size

We have been having an amazing time learning about anatomy.  This day we looked at our hair, our blood, spit, and skin under the microscopes!  SO VERY COOL.  It was funny, today Liam had a pretty good fall on his bike; skinned his knees and gashed the palms of his hands.  Through his tears he says, "can you get a slide so we can look at some of my blood under the microscope?"


While we do need to invest in a serious microscope, these little pocket explorer microscopes have been fantastic.  The boys bring them on hikes and pull them out to get a closer look at anything from pond water to fungi.



See why we call it the "wonder room"?  It's so much fun to watch them get all excited when something comes into focus.  "MOM!  You gotta see this!" 


This day with the microscopes, we actually did science for three hours!  Complete with illustrations of what they saw and write ups.  Overheard more than once were comments like, "this is SO cool!"  "Hey, come and see mine", "what are you looking at?"

Another very wonderful addition to our wonder room has been our little dissect"able" friend here.  Complete with "organ-izer".  You can see in the second picture, Teigan has the intestines out and and is just thinking about the stomach and the liver.



There are so many times and reasons that I am thankful for the opportunity to school and learn the way that we do.  These kids LOVE to learn, and have such a fantastic sense of wonder and curiosity. How amazing for me to guide and learn along side them, exploring the incredible wonders of science (and everything else).  I am truly blessed.


Susan said...

Once again I am struck by the thought, that not only do I want my children in your "wonder" learning, but I want to be in your class too! What a wonderful education your children are getting.

Anonymous said...

LOL that doll is morbid O_O