Monday, September 13, 2010

Handy Work

This is the rebuild of the fort that the boys worked so hard to build. (Including my "other son" - our neighbour "Big Liam". The first one was really great, and looked fantastic. But some kids destroyed that and wrote some "swears" on the inside. The swears being, "JERK" and "LOSER". Actually it said, "Alex you're such a loser." With the retort of, "You're a jerk" underneath that. The kids were so upset. So this time they decided that they would make it look like a junk pile so no one would know that there was in fact a fort underneath. Huh. Good thinking. So far it's worked. It's getting colder, but they are still out there many days; hammering, building, laughing and playing. Because after all, every boy needs a fort.


Ariana and Teigan on their way to visit the boys at the fort. I absolutely LOVE the friendship that these two share. I pray that this will be lifelong for them. I have an incredible friendship that began when we were less than a year older than these two. The thought that Teigan would have a friend like that makes my heart swell.


Teigan can not get enough crafts in lately. She is sewing, beading, weaving... you name it, she's doing it. She has learned how to make friendship bracelets, so that's what she is working on here.


Does every little boy love to build? Mine do. Give them a saw, hammer and nails and they are occupied for hours. Samuel built himself a little shelf for his room out of some of the scrap wood that he found around. I'm not sure if he was practicing, but there are an awful lot of dents no where near the nails! He enjoyed making his project and as of today - it's serving its intended purpose in his room.



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