Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Wonder of Fishing.

There is something so perfect about being out in the woods. A serene lake, fishing, a campfire, friends...

We are blessed in so many ways. One of which is certainly the beauty of nature all around us. I always want our kids to be close to nature and to see the glory of creation all around them. Last Child in the Woods, talks of "nature-deficit" kids who are growing up with no connection to nature at all. That, is not my kids!

Samuel found himself a perfect spot to commune with nature and catch dinner!



Liam found his own little nook, and fished off the shore.


First catch of the day!


At this point the fish wasn't quite dead yet. Teigan wasn't sure how to deal with that fact.



I am so thankful for the amazing men that are a part of our kids' lives. On top of having an amazing Dad, and wonderful Grandpas close by, our kids have a bunch of really incredible guys that they admire and look up to. Samuel went off with a couple of the guys hiking around the lake.


I have to laugh. Really - we all have too much stuff. Too many toys, clothes, books... (I'm just kidding about the books!) But when the kids can have fun with dead fish - who really needs toys?!


Liam getting an up close and personal look at the gills on this lake trout.



I love this picture of the kids' rods. They were at this point taking a break from the fishing and on to the frogging. As successful as everyone was fishing - it was nothing compared to the entire community of amphibians that they collected!


The dogs decided that a nap by the fire would be a good resting spot. Who could argue?


Daddy and Teigan ready to head out in the boat.


The little girlie - trying so hard to catch that elusive fish.


Yup, being out in nature is one of my favourite things. It doesn't even really matter what we are doing. But I could go for a while with blessings just from this one day alone...

The absolute glory of nature all around us.
Laughing and squealing as we 4 wheel through mud to the top of the tires.
Beautiful people that God has put in our lives.
Delicious trout!
The joy and laughter of 5 kids running around in the woods.
Calm beauty and serene moments.
A blazing hot campfire on a cold evening.
Sleeping children in the back of the truck; tired out from a full day in the great outdoors.

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