Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Wood Worker and the Ponderer...

We are so blessed to be a part of an amazing home learning co-op. This was a wood-working afternoon at some new friends' home.

Samuel spent most of the time whittling along with another kid. They ended up with swords and spears! So very unlike ten year old boys, I know.


Teigan was very focused on her project. I had no idea where she was headed with this, but she did all the cutting, sanding and hammering herself. You have to enjoy little girls with tools!


IMG_4354 (1)

IMG_4352 (1)


Liam was so focused in his work. Long after every other kid had finished whatever they were working on and run off to play, he pressed through. Cutting, sanding, shaping... he had a plan in mind.




A picture frame. The finished product in the hands of the builder.


I am so thankful that my Builder has a finished product in mind.

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Heath said...

Great blog, great pictures, keep it up!