Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some of the stuff...

Saoirse has grown a ridiculous amount and has certainly become a wonderful (most of the time) member of the family. Here she is in a big sleepover in the basement...

small 1

and the wake up call!

small 2

These blocks, Kepa/City Blocks/Keva (all the same thing - different prices depending on whether they're from Germany/China/US) have been THE FAVOURITE indoor play since we first got them. Originally I bought a set of 200, but realized VERY quickly that this amount would not suffice since every kid in the neighbourhood wanted to play and build at the same time. Thanks to ebay, we now have 1400, which has turned out to be a fantastic amount since they can all build and engineer together or on their own projects. This is one "toy" that I would strongly recommend - right up there with LEGO. They spend hours creating.

small 6

small 23

This was so cute. Samuel was reading to Liam and Teigan - we're studying Egypt - and Liam and Teigan ran to get note pads and pencils so that they could take notes!

small 22

The grade 5/6s did a unit on immigration with our co-op, which branched into a study of the Underground Railroad.  Each of the kids designed and made a quilt square (with an explanation).  Samuel's was very creative.

small 16

Teigan and Ariana having fun with fractions.

small 15

The "fun math" crew.  This is another fun game - "Equate".  Pretty much math scrabble.  You have to have balanced equations though.  If you can see, there are even fractions involved... 8 X 1/4 = 2. 

small 12

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