Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sniffle and cheer as the season wraps up

Well one more ski season has ended (at least the mountain has closed) but as we learned last year we're now deep into this and it doesn't ever end. We've got a little bit of a respite until trampolining starts full swing and then the summer ski and water ramp camps... It was a great season though with some big highlights.

Liam was asked to go Jr. Competitive next year. He's excited about that. He's so easy going I didn't think he'd want to, but he does!

small 14

small 10

One of Samuel's big goals this year was to start throwing 360s. He is. And he is happy about it!

small 9

small 8

Teigan had a great year, and skied her first double black. She worked her little ski bum off and was bumped up a level and coach mid season. The second picture of her here is receiving the award for the most improved skier in the whole program.

small 21

small 25

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Judy said...

Wow! All these amazing shots of skiing! Those mountains are HUGE!! Teigan is looking so proud in this last picture and so she should be! Now if your Mom and Dad had bought that $25,000 condo way back when!! Better not remind them of that!