Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Looking forward to next season

These first two pictures are fogged because we came in from a cold mountain to the room where the awards ceremony were and the lense on my little camera was fogged! Samuel skied this year with the Apex Freestyle Club, and is now a card carrying (no kidding, he got his membership card a couple of weeks ago) member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association. (He thinks it's very cool to be a member of the same club as Christy Richards - Olympic freestyler). Liam was proud to get a ribbon from Samuel's coach as well. He and I tagged along with Samuel's group to the places that Liam could handle - that being said, Liam (who's 4) did a few black diamond runs this year! He absolutely loves skiing. Samuel got a medal and a 1st ribbon and actually got to ski on the World Cup mogul course this year. (Yes, he does moguls! I generally avoid those.) Freestyle was the perfect place for Samuel, he loves the bumps and jumps, the half pipe which he rides to the top rim, and the tree trails, as well as just general fun skiing! Liam just treks along right behind. Numerous times this year the three of us went skiing mid week (the perks of homeschooling) and had such incredible times together. I love hanging out with these guys!

Liam and Alissa, as always, having a great time together.

A weekend with our friends at BIG WHITE - the kids are already asking for a week next year!

Teigan loves skiing too, but at three she only makes it through the morning before she's done!

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