Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Big Fossil Hunt

We hooked up with a geologist (and a astrophysicist!) the other day and went on a fabulous fossil hunt. It was so much fun and quite thrilling. The most amazing thing was smashing open a rock that just looked like an ordinary rock and finding a beautifully preserved (45 million year old - according to our geologist) plant fossil on both sides of the split rock. These fossils are from the Metozioc Period, so while not dinosour fossils, they're from the same time. There has been some excavation in the area and overturned earth that they knew was rich in fossils. Rich would be an understatement. We ened up with two bucket fulls! And that's just what we brought home with us. Samuel also found some quartz and other minerals, so we are now starting an impromtu unit on rocks, minerals and fossils since everyone is excited about it. Here's Samuel with map in hand, backpack with Rocks and Fossils book, magnifying glass, hammer and shovel, oh and don't forget the Tilley Hat!

Samuel and Will discovering fossils along the way before we even reach the main site.

My little scientist in all his glory.

Getting a closer look.

The boys on the mound. Teigan hunted off and on, but the flowers were really pretty!

I love this picture. It reminds me of pictures that you see of guys mountaineering in the 1930s or something. All he needs is an old fashioned canteen.

What a great day, and now exciting kick off to our new unit study. No wonder I never have a hard time figuring out what to study. The harder thing is what to put on the back burner... I love homeschooling!


Andrea said...

I LOVE. your. pictures. You have such an art for just getting the moment. Mine always looked set up or I don't catch the moment the first time and try to force it a second time. Never works. I'm thinking of investing in a telephoto like you mentioned in another post.

You get me thinking about homeschooling too. If I thought I could do it like you seem to, I think I'd give it a go!

Kelly said...

I agree Karyn :)

Your kids would have loved living in Drumheller. It was a fossil hunt every other day. We actually have found quite a few plant fossils in our yard here too. Aliah will have to show Sam and Liam her rock collection one day. She has Agate, Hematite, Galena, Pyrite and a few more.

Happy schooling.

Angella said...

What a cool adventure! SO FUN! See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karyn, You take the most beautiful pictures. I still havn't got my own blog but I am on facebook since so many of my friends are there. If I can figure out how to do what you have done maybe I'll give it a try. It is so good to see your kids, they are gorgeous. Come find me on facebook if you want! Your "Anonymous" cousin,Lisa I didn't know how else to post a comment, I don't have a "blog" :)