Sunday, April 15, 2007

Celtic Festival

Today was Teigan's first Irish dance festival. Oh my goodness, so stinkin' cute! I had a hard time picking only a couple of pictures. After a slow start, the fire alarm in the building went off, then the firemen came... (all very exciting I assure you), it was a great little festival. Oh, and notice of course... the tongue!

The Penticton Pipe band did a few numbers which of course was a big treat. Samuel and Liam donned their kilts in full support of their little sister (any excuse to wear them is a good one for them - they wore them to church too). The boys were talking to some of the pipers afterwards and one of them asked if they'd like to hold the pipes - they were all over that! Samuel has already been talking about playing pipes for a few years now, but we're working on piano and fiddle for now! He of course has it all planned out, "when I'm good at the piano and fiddle then I'll start guitar and bagpipes, but I don't think my hands are big enough yet".

Note that the guy is still holding his pipes - would you trust this kid with your pipes?!
Liam FULLY enjoying the pipe band!


Chris ;o) said...

Youch! Teig's a heartbreaker already!?! She looks so adorable! The boys look great too in their kilts! Dancing, pipes and fire trucks! Does it get much better!?!

Kelly said...

You are such an amazing photographer. I would love to have you come do a photo shoot of our family this spring!! Aliah has wanted to join irish dancing and now that we found a group here, she is thinking about it for the fall. Also- love the goats!!

christy said...

I love how curly you can get her hair! SO cute!

Poetsch Family said...

Those pictures are so awesome. Sounds like to much fun. The tongue thing is too cute. Tessa is constantly sticking hers out too.

Vicki said...

I can't believe how big Teigan has grown. So cute!!